Biggest day of the year

Off the bat, wanted to congratulate Michael Young and Gary Matthews Jr. on the All-Star Game appearance and of course the great Michael Young on winning the MVP.

As we stand today, the Rangers are 49-47 and a game and a half out of first place. With the trade market being as empty as it is, the Rangers will obtain possibly the best pitcher the could next week when the Yankees roll into town.

Adam Eaton, who has been out the entire season, is scheduled to pitch Tuesday the 25th at the Temple. Eaton, who went 9-12 with a 4.08 era last season will take the bump and could be the piece we need to make it into the post season. This is definitely a pitcher we need to step up in the rotation, eat innings and give us an opportunity to win games.

The top two pitchers in the rotation, Milwood and Padilla both obtained their 10th wins of the season this past week, but the back end of the rotation, Wasdin, Koronka and Rheinecker have not had the performances lately the Rangers (and their fans) need them to have.

Good luck to our boys in Chicago this weekend and see everyone at the Temple starting Monday!

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Yeah, congrats GMJ. You were smart enough to go to a World Series contender, the Angels. I wish our GMs would help ya’ll out by finding some pitching. I know that its never gonna happen. If we sign Sammy Sosa, I’m selling my season tickets. Go Rangers infield! The Texas Ranger fans only claim to fame.

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