Over .500!

Rangers doubleheader sweep!

As my roommate Kyle and fellow Homey said, “That guy ran on the field because he wanted the Rangers to go on a streak!”

Let’s keep it going boys!

wipe off the dust

Sitting here at my desk at work, it’s pretty apparent that a lot of things have changed over the past 4 years when a group of my friends and I started Hank’s Homies. The most obvious change is that… I’m at work. Even with my phone clock trying to tell me to go home, I felt the desire to write on the MLBlogs, even though the one year anniversary of last writing on here is quickly coming up.

I have had a lot of people ask me what has happened to our group, where we have gone and why are we no longer at all the games. Unfortunately I do not have a better answer then, “We all grew up and now have responsibilities.” Skipping a day here and there in college is apparently different then skipping a day here and there for your job. While one is frowned upon, the other… well we don’t need that.

I really don’t think that I could be any more fired up then I am right now. Think about it, I’m at work… when I could be at home… and I’m writing on a blog that I haven’t touched in almost a year.

Thinking of some of the names in our farm system who will soon be in Rangers blue gives me goose bumps. Emails about our farm system from Jamey Newberg and Scott Lucas have kept the extreme interest all winter and spring and trips to Frisco and Oklahoma City have now become a must.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at the game!

-Homey Ryan  


We’re 3!

Who knew… 3 years ago today, we began our little group out in Section 5. We have had some great times out in left field and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Even though school, work and the ladies may block us from going to games from time to time, there is nothing better then watching our boys beat up the opposing team.
While we don’t plan on having one of our wilder parties for our birthday, we do plan on getting out of work, school and even the ladies can’t stop us from going to the game this afternoon.
We’re looking forward to another 3+ great years and we thought we would leave you with the story of how we became who we are today.
Go Rangers
The Homies

On April 24th, 2004 against the Seattle Mariners, Hank’s Homies were born. We attended the Saturday night game, just as we have many before in the new season, but this time with something new. We had discussed making a sign for one of the Rangers players before the game and came up with the name Hank’s Homies. We didn’t think much of it, thought it was a cool name and decided to roll with it. We all loved the way Hank played and thought that this would be a good name for his new fan group.

Who ever knew Section 5 would become so popular?

The game began and we started up in the upper deck. Midway through the game, a few of our friends called and told us that they were sitting in Section 5. There were a few extra seats around them, so we ventured over to left field. It was a great game, both teams had great pitching and defense through it. In the eighth inning, Hank came up to hit. We stood up, in the last row, with our signs and started yelling for him. On a 1-1 count from then Mariner Freddy Garcia, Hank took the next pitch to dead center to put the Rangers on top 1-0.

The fireworks shot off, Hank rounded the bases, and as we were jumping up and down in excitement we noticed ourselves on the video board. It was a great moment for all of us.

We floored the car home after the game to check out the news and there we were again, all over the highlights. One of the local news channels even said during the replay of the homerun, "…and Hank, rewarding his Homies." Just as any other fan, we thought this was the greatest thing. The next day came along and we thought we would come back to the park for the final game of the series. It was almost surreal. After just one game we were recognized by many. During the game, Rangers field reporter, Jim Knox came out to interview us. That’s where Homey D.J. invented the Hank’s Homies Dance, trademark pending. Not a tough dance, but a very interesting one to say the least.

Tailgate party before the Boston Sweep Game

As the weeks went on we had a blast going out to the games. Our allegiance grew and we all loved coming to the ballpark. May 2nd was one of our favorite games of the season. Before the final game of the Boston series, we had a tailgate party in the parking lot and a group of over 20 for the game. We had our tickets and our brooms for the sweep.

Late in the game we attempted to start a chant. We all raised our brooms up high and started chanting "SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP!" What happened next was amazing. The chant started getting louder and louder. "SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP!" I remember pulling Chris aside and telling him to just listen. The whole ballpark was yelling, screaming with us. If the season had ended on that night we would have been happy. But the Rangers had many more memorable moments for us.

Everyone wants eye black!

During the season we decided add a new piece to our Homey attire. Just as many baseball players do, we decided that wearing eye black would show our love for our team even more. What started as just a group of us wearing it turned into much more. Fans would come over to us asking for eye black throughout the year. From kids, to parents, to grandparents. The Rangers would give us many great moments during the season. The 10 run inning against Detroit, the Barajas walk-off homer against New York, every sweep game, Teixeira’s cycle, Hank’s 2 homer game the night his son was born, every time CoCo steps on the mound and who can ever forget the walk off double from Double D against Oakland.

In one of the most unforgettable Rangers seasons in recent memory, we were honored to be apart of it just as every other Rangers fan would say. We would like to thank many people for there time and support they gave to us during the past season, including: The Rangers team, ownership, and employees, our parents and friends, Ken Troupe, Charlie Greener, Tom Hicks Jr., Donnie Pordash, Misty Blalock, Devin Pike, Joe Siegler, Karin Morris, Josh Lewin, Tom Grieve, Jim Knox, Chuck Morgan, Chrissy Jacobe, Gretchen Dorfman, the staff at Rawlings restaurant, the ushers of left field who had to put up with us the entire season including, Richard, Michele, Rod, Fernando, Fred, Wayne, Sarah, Security Guards Charles, Felix, and many others. And of course, our boy, Hank…

Spring Training

Good idea: The idea of going to spring training .

Great idea: Actually going on spring training.

Bad idea: Leaving Fort Worth going towards spring training at 9pm Friday hoping to make a 1pm game in Surprise, AZ.

Smart idea: Stopping in El Paso, TX at 5am when you just can’t drive anymore.

Brilliant idea: Extending the road trip to Las Vegas due to missing the game… Vegas Baby!

Genius idea: Making the Rangers-Brewers game the day after Vegas and seeing the new boys Gagne, Sosa, Lofton and Cat along with some of our favorites Young, Wilk, Wilson and  Aki! (Hank was hurt and didn’t play)

Average idea: After the Rangers game, driving home 15 straight hours over night to make it back to work. Should have just stayed out in Arizona.

If you have never been to Spring Training, you’re truly missing out on a great trip. The players are very approachable, the weather is perfect and you’re very, very far away from work!

Do it!

13 days til opening day… it’s getting close!

Biggest day of the year

Off the bat, wanted to congratulate Michael Young and Gary Matthews Jr. on the All-Star Game appearance and of course the great Michael Young on winning the MVP.

As we stand today, the Rangers are 49-47 and a game and a half out of first place. With the trade market being as empty as it is, the Rangers will obtain possibly the best pitcher the could next week when the Yankees roll into town.

Adam Eaton, who has been out the entire season, is scheduled to pitch Tuesday the 25th at the Temple. Eaton, who went 9-12 with a 4.08 era last season will take the bump and could be the piece we need to make it into the post season. This is definitely a pitcher we need to step up in the rotation, eat innings and give us an opportunity to win games.

The top two pitchers in the rotation, Milwood and Padilla both obtained their 10th wins of the season this past week, but the back end of the rotation, Wasdin, Koronka and Rheinecker have not had the performances lately the Rangers (and their fans) need them to have.

Good luck to our boys in Chicago this weekend and see everyone at the Temple starting Monday!


Keep voting for all of your Rangers for this years All Star Game… especially HANK!

Hank Blalock Fact: Since deciding to build their stadium next to Ameriquest Field, the NFL forced the Dallas Cowboys to have a sliding roof to activate when Hank Blalock is at bat to help protect their fans from stray home run balls.

Houston and more!

Viva los Rangers!

Wanted to first throw out the link of our interview with Jim Knox which aired last weekend during Rangers Insider. It’s about 3 minutes long and full of fun!


Thanks to Jim Knox and Michael Funke from Fox Sports for setting this up.

We went down to Houston this past weekend for the Saturday and Sunday night games. We met a lot of great Rangers fans (and some not so great Astros fans) during our trip. Minute Maid Park was a completely different experience from our ballpark. When we first arrived we set up in left field in one of the balconies and placed our banner on the railing which lasted about 5 minutes once Astros officials caught wind of it. The "official" word was that the banner would not be allowed to be hung from their because it was in the field of play… but… it was hung 2 feet above the yellow line on the wall.

The Rangers are in the middle of a huge home stand and we want to personally encourage all fans to attend as many games as they can and everyone is always welcomed to join us. Sunday night’s game will be televised on ESPN. We have a personal battle with Mike’s Muchachos to see who will bring out the most fans. They stand no chance. Come out and Rock the Ballpark! Bring chocolate milk!

Hank Blalock Fact: Hank Blalock’s bobble head hits better then the real Adrian Beltre!

Our 1st post!

Before we get started on our first post, we wanted to wish all of the mother’s across the country a happy mother’s day and to thank the Rangers for giving us this opportunity to post our thoughts and ideas on here with the great Jamey Newberg, Victor Rojas and Mike Hindman.

After battling through finals at school this past week, we threw the books aside and got ready for the Rangers three game series against the Red Sox. But, as we all know 2 of the 3 games were rained out and the Rangers go into the Bronx having 3 out of the past 4 days off. Kameron Loe looked great in his short performance and even got a complete game towards his records. As for our boy Hank, the home run he had in the 2nd is still going and looked great in the field.


                              B.A.      HR      RBI      Errors      FPCT.

Hank Blalock            .336        7       28         6            .955

Alex Rodriguez        .277         9       29         7            .950

Keep voting for the real 3rd base All-Star!

The Rangers made two trades this past week. Left-handed pitcher Brian Shouse was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday for infielder Enrique Cruz.  Earlier in the week former Rice University standout Vincent Sinisi and pitcher John Hudgins, the Most Outstanding Player in the 2003 College World Series were dealt to Sand Diego for outfielder Freddy Guzman and pitcher Cesar Rojas. High hopes had always followed Sinisi but could never get his swing down in the minors. Two first base prospects have now been traded to the Padres in the past 6 months. The Ryan Klesko era is soon coming to an end in San Diego, but does this mean Teixeira will be wearing Rangers blue for years to come?

This past week, Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Aaron Rowand was injured while making an amazing catch when he collided face first with a medal strip at the top of the wall at Great American Ball Park and has since been placed on the disabled list. As unfortunate as the injury was, it will give former Ranger and Homies favorite David Dellucci and opportunity to get some playing time. Dellucci has been rotting on the end of the Phillies bench but will soon show Phillies fans why he was one of the most beloved Rangers in past memory.

*From T.R. Sullivan’s "Rangers Notes," 05.14.06

Mother’s business: Alison Mahay, wife of Ron Mahay, knows a little bit about being a mother, and she is going to put that expertise to good use.

Alison is getting ready to open up a business called The SportsChild, which will sell sports-themed children’s clothing and furniture. The first store will be in the Phoenix area and will also be available online at http://www.sportschild.com.

"It’s going to be online first, and the store’s going to be right by my house, actually, in Arizona," said Ron, who lives in the Phoenix suburb of Litchfield Park. "She has a couple of employees working for her right now, but it’s actually running out of the house right now. It should be online in a day or two. She just ordered all her stuff, so she’s waiting until everything comes in before she opens up online.

"She’s always known about kid’s clothes and stuff. She always wanted to do something like this. This is her dream."

  • -Alison and Ron have always been great towards us and we wish them all the luck in their newest venture.

Hank Blalock Fact: Hank Blalock has more defensive skills then a porcupine!