March 2007

Spring Training

Good idea: The idea of going to spring training .

Great idea: Actually going on spring training.

Bad idea: Leaving Fort Worth going towards spring training at 9pm Friday hoping to make a 1pm game in Surprise, AZ.

Smart idea: Stopping in El Paso, TX at 5am when you just can’t drive anymore.

Brilliant idea: Extending the road trip to Las Vegas due to missing the game… Vegas Baby!

Genius idea: Making the Rangers-Brewers game the day after Vegas and seeing the new boys Gagne, Sosa, Lofton and Cat along with some of our favorites Young, Wilk, Wilson and  Aki! (Hank was hurt and didn’t play)

Average idea: After the Rangers game, driving home 15 straight hours over night to make it back to work. Should have just stayed out in Arizona.

If you have never been to Spring Training, you’re truly missing out on a great trip. The players are very approachable, the weather is perfect and you’re very, very far away from work!

Do it!

13 days til opening day… it’s getting close!