Houston and more!

Viva los Rangers!

Wanted to first throw out the link of our interview with Jim Knox which aired last weekend during Rangers Insider. It’s about 3 minutes long and full of fun!


Thanks to Jim Knox and Michael Funke from Fox Sports for setting this up.

We went down to Houston this past weekend for the Saturday and Sunday night games. We met a lot of great Rangers fans (and some not so great Astros fans) during our trip. Minute Maid Park was a completely different experience from our ballpark. When we first arrived we set up in left field in one of the balconies and placed our banner on the railing which lasted about 5 minutes once Astros officials caught wind of it. The "official" word was that the banner would not be allowed to be hung from their because it was in the field of play… but… it was hung 2 feet above the yellow line on the wall.

The Rangers are in the middle of a huge home stand and we want to personally encourage all fans to attend as many games as they can and everyone is always welcomed to join us. Sunday night’s game will be televised on ESPN. We have a personal battle with Mike’s Muchachos to see who will bring out the most fans. They stand no chance. Come out and Rock the Ballpark! Bring chocolate milk!

Hank Blalock Fact: Hank Blalock’s bobble head hits better then the real Adrian Beltre!

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